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Upcoming Events

  • Resilience Roundtable
    Multiple Dates
    Wed, Dec 14
    Zoom Discussion
    The Central Iowa Trauma Recovery Center’s Resilience Roundtables are monthly virtual facilitated meetings designed to advance discussion about resilience and inform participants about education and activities that aid our effort to develop the skills and techniques to build resilience.
  • Administrator Resilience Roundtable
    Wed, Sep 08
    We felt it was important to offer administrators an opportunity to convene in a confidential space of their own, in a facilitated virtual meeting. We want to foster inspiration amongst leaders, who are usually alone due to the boundaries leadership carries. You are not alone.
  • Resilience Roundtable
    Wed, Sep 01
    This facilitated virtual meeting provides a place where providers can talk about and learn from each other what sustains us, how we have adapted and overcome and how we can build our resilience to the effects of the trauma we are exposed to on a daily basis.
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