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What is a Trauma Recovery Center?

The Central Iowa Trauma Recovery Center (CITRC) is one of 40 Trauma Recovery Centers located throughout the United States. CITRC is a member of the National Alliance of Trauma Recovery Centers, association of trauma recovery centers who utilize a nationally recognized and evidence-based model of care designed to enhance services and support provided to survivors of violent crime. 

CITRC endeavors to remove the barriers to care that many survivors face.  Through the provision of clinical care coordination, life stability increases, thus allowing survivors to transition into mental health treatment to address their trauma and focus on recovery.  Services are provided to the survivor and their family for up to one year, free of charge. We believe in compassionate care for survivors who trust us with the pain of their journey to heal and recover.   

* "What is a Trauma Recovery Center?" designed and produced by the Alliance for Safety & Justice   

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